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Welcome to Creepy Hollow Gear

Creepy Hollow Gear is a line of ghost hunting gear created by Paul Bradford of Ghost Hunters International to provide the best equipment available for the best prices. All the equipment by Creepy Hollow is hand-built, used and tested by myself and my team. So what makes Creepy Hollow different from your general, run of the mill equipment? Unlike most equipment built overseas or hot off an assembly line, Creepy Hollow devices are handmade by me. I wanted to bring information to people, reviews of other new tech out there, inform people and maybe educate.

Ghost Hunting Gear

Dual-Mode IR & Full Spectrum Light
Ghost Hunting Equipment Full Spectrum Light
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Infrared Night Vision Light

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Full Spectrum Light
Ghost Hunting Equipment Full Spectrum Light
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Mini Infrared (IR) Light
Ghost Hunting Equipment Full Spectrum Light
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Red Light
Ghost Hunting Equipment Full Spectrum Light
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Creepy Hollow Hotshoe Mount
Ghost Hunting Equipment Full Spectrum Light
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Creepy Hollow Gear products are ONLY available at: ghost hunting equipment

I started building paranormal equipment back in 2006 for myself to use when Im out hunting ghosts with my own team, but quickly people started to ask where they could purchase these things and soon I started building to orde. After a short while I put together a MySpace account where people could purchase one or two of my tools, but within the year I needed to expand the demand for my devices grew faster than I could ever have expected and so this was the start of CreepyHollowGear.com. Now I am the Technical Architect with GhostStop, together, building the best ghost hunting gear your can find for the best prices.

Now all Creepy Hollow Gear is available exclusively at GhostStop.com.

As paranormal investigators ourselves, we understand most are volunteers and everything done is generally out of pocket. Because of that we want to make the best equipment available to everyone.


Who is Paul Bradford?

So who actually is Paul Bradford? Some will no doubt know Bradford as a friend, the self confessed geek or the science fiction buff with a very particular penchant for Dr. Who. A Tardis builder (and yes....he did, if your wondering). Or is he a world weary traveler, seemingly always on the move, different countries, cities and towns. Every location bringing new opportunities to someone who likes to document his surroundings. Both on the surface and beneath. A photographer perhaps? A collector of information from the past? In more ways than one it seems.........

The vast majority of us know Bradford as the level headed, super-cool Tech guy on Sy-Fy channels hit spook show Ghost Hunters International. Using and building all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to catch a ghost or two is all in a days work for Paul and the slightly unconventional, but very workable team of investigators around him. But what happens behind the scenes? Are we actually any closer?

Unlike many of his peers, Bradford's interest in the paranormal never came from being dragged from his bed by an invisible force, or hiding under his blankets as a child because there was something lingering in his closet. No. It came simply through his life-long love of all things science fiction, and the tangibility that out-of-this-world experiences can actually happen here on our own realm. Surely that's too much of a draw for the type of man that he is? Rhetorical question, no doubt.

Born and raised in the UK, Paul resides now with his wife and children in the USA. Being one of the stars on a hit American TV show means spending time from loved ones. Long periods at sea. Though various exotic (and not-so-exotic) locations around the world, however, can provide the perfect opportunity to capture a moment in time. More than just random holiday snaps to show his family, Paul took the whole thing a step further. In 2009 he released his first publication. A collection of his own travel photography, wryly titled "Wish you were here". Obviously. But as a family man, a father and a husband, someone who values and cherishes every second with them, I get the feeling the sentiment of the title is absolutely from the recesses of his heart.........

So....who is Paul Bradford?? A husband and father, a supergeek-sci-fi-buff, TV star, ghost hunter, traveler, photographer, inventor, author.....all of the above. Are you any the wiser? No? Me neither.............

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